The company was originally founded with Monika Nauen as its Sole Proprietor and its principal investor. Through hard work and long hours and the hiring of seasonal help to pick and process the harvest, the fledgling company prospered. Monika sold the company in 2013 to Kelly and Scot Davis. Kelly and Scot moved to the Big Island from Oahu looking forward to the new venture of becoming macadamia nut farmers. They have continued the commitment to their customers and to operate the farm to this day. Their focus is on the highest possible quality of freshly air-dried macadamia in-shell nuts for those of you who enjoy the flavor of delicious raw nut, and the challenge of cracking your own. The in-shell nuts are also great for large birds, such as Blue Macaws.

Other fine products manufactured by Hawaii Island Honey Company and Hawaiian Specialty Sea Salt are being offered by Monika's Mac Nuts. These products, as well as our own quality nuts, are made and processed exclusively on the Big Island of Hawaii. Check them out in our Product Catalog.