July 2018

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Current Pricing Schedule as of July 2018


Aloha, We have sad news this year. In May our macadamia nut orchard and house were destroyed by the Kilauea Lava eruptions. The farm is covered in about 40 feet of lava with only our 2 hilltops and about 1 acre of orchard remaining. Luckily we were able to move some of our equipment and supplies to my parent’s farm near Hilo before the lava cut off the area. We have been very busy over the past month rebuilding our operation at the other farm. We have already started building new storage areas and growing young trees to graft. While we will miss our farm greatly we are so thankful for the time we had there and the amazing memories we have. We are also very grateful to have such loyal and dedicated people who work on our farm with us. Baxter has been with us since we purchased the farm 5 years ago and worked for Monika before that as well. Even though his home was also destroyed in nearby Leilani Estates he continues working. He helped us save as much as we could from the farm and has been helping us rebuild at my parent’s farm. Kaipo, who had only started working for us a few months before this began, has also continued helping us move and rebuild. We are so thankful to have such a great work team and family here. Having a disaster like this happen really brings together the whole community.

Unfortunately, since we will not have as large of supply of macadamia nuts from our farms as we’ve had in previous years, we can no longer do auto subscriptions as we cannot guarantee that we will have enough nuts to last year round. However, we will be reaching out to local area mac nut farmers this season to find nut supplies that meet our quality standards and hope to be able to supplement our farm with enough nuts to be able to meet our customers’ needs as best as possible. You can still place your orders either online, by phone or email. The season here runs from July-February so if we do run out it will likely be May-July so you can always stock up during the winter months.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this trying event. We are working very hard to minimize any disruption to you, our customers, and keep our business going while still providing the best quality Macadamia nuts at affordable prices.

Sincerely, Kelly and Scot Davis, Owners of Monika’s Mac Nuts The chart below reflects the new pricing.

The chart below reflects the new pricing. If you have a subscription with us, your price will remain the same until your yearly subscription runs out. Mahalo

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Current Pricing Schedule as of July 2018

Quantity (lbs)

Price nuts

Price per lb

Shipping (U.S)


11 In shell macs
11 In shell macs small

$ 60.50
$ 41.25

$ 5.50
$ 3.75

$ 14.00
$ 14.00

$ 74.50
$ 55.25

17 In shell macs
17 In shell macs small

$ 89.25
$ 59.50

$ 5.25
$ 3.50

$ 19.00
$ 19.00

$ 108.25
$ 78.50

51 In shell macs
51 In shell macs small

$ 255.00
$ 165.75

$ 5.00
$ 3.25

$ 57.00
$ 57.00

$ 312.00
$ 222.75

Shipping: nuts are shipped in USPS flat rate boxes if not otherwise specified