We are a family operated farm located on the Hilo side of the Big Island. We have an 18-acre farm that is comprised of macadamia nut trees as well as a variety of fruit and ornamentals. We have two horses who are not only adorable and sweet but also help us keep the weeds and grass down in our orchard. We are a family of animal lovers and have a dog, two cats and a variety of birds on our farm. Our two young daughters love playing around the farm and really enjoy helping us pick mac nuts.

Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of freshly air-dried in shell macadamia nuts. Our raw in shell macadamia nuts have a sweet, delicious, crunchy flavor and are perfect for those who want to eat healthy whole foods. We sell a variety of mac nut crackers that can be fun for the whole family to use. Our in-shell mac nuts are also a favorite of large birds such as hyacinth macaws and black palm cockatoos. We specialize in selling our macadamia nuts to bird customers and have automatic shipment programs designed to keep your bird with a year-round supply of fresh in shell mac nuts. Customer service is a top priority to us, and we strive to make sure all our customers, both parrots and people alike, are happy with our products. We look forward to having you as a customer with us!