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Hyacinth (Blue) Macaws
and Other Wonderful Birds.
Some are With Their Owners

Click on links below to see Photos
(in the order received)

Tom A's birds Doyle and Jem (1 pic)

Doyle (green) & Jem (Blue), they're very happy raised on your macnuts!"


Enjoying the beautiful day outside!


Curaçao and Versace are ready for Halloween! (1 pic)

Curaçao and Versace


Trick or Mac Nut treats!


Mark "Tigg" H.'s Hyacinth, 'Lan-Bao' (3 pics)

Mark "Tigg" H.'s Hyacinth, 'Lan-Bao'


"We picked up a few nuts from the ground while walking the orchard with you...

Lan-Bao enjoyed them.

We... greatly enjoyed the tour of your orchard."

The very handsome and talented Lan-Bao is the model

for our "Spokes-bird" on the left, above.


Mark B.'s Hyacinth, 'Buddy' (1 pic)

Mark B.'s Hyacinth 'Buddy'


"I have attached a pic of Buddy, our Macaw, enjoying one of your nuts.
-he loves to open the shells and eat the nuts."

Sure I can talk... can you fly?


Michelle and a very contented 'Oliver' (1 pic)

Michelle and 'Oliver'


"This is ... ‘Oliver’, a very sweet Hyacinth that I raised from an egg."

Now, is this a happy bird, or what?


Lee B.'s Beautiful Birds, 'Zulie' and 'Marker' (1 pic)

Lee B.'s Beautiful Birds


"The Hyacinth is named Zulie and the Blue and Gold is Marker.
We also have a Green Wing named Sam. "

Zulie and Marker wish you a very Happy Easter!


Deb's Delightful Birds, 'Lola', 'Jesse' and others (6 pics)

Deb's Delightful Birds


"Let Monika know that all the large macaws get her nuts as treats but Lola gets a dozen every day.
She requires a higher fat content in her diet & Mac nuts provide this and more for her." ~ Deb

Web Editor's Note: My special thanks to Deb for correcting my misconception that parrots were in the fowl catagory.
I promise never to make that mistake again. My apologies to all you parrots out there.
Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers.

Lola (right) is a beautiful Hyacinth Macaw and Jesse (above) is a spectacular Greenwing. These two birds are Deb's personal pets and companions.

The wonderful birds below are 'Sanctuary Birds', and may be visited on the website www.squawktalk.org.

Once at the website's Home Page, click on the link for "no-R-birds Sanctuary" to see the many birds like Carly, Matilda, Michael, and Ollie 'n Rainbow. How lucky these birds are to have someone like Deb to care for them.



Rob and Jill R. with their four spectacular birds (8 pics)

Rob and Jill R.

With Their Four Spectacular Birds


The two Blue Hyacinth Macaws are 'Magnum' and 'Angel'

The Blue and Gold is 'Skyler' and the Greenwing is 'Chewy'

Rob R & his beautiful birdsRob R. with Angel, Skyler & Chewy



Jeanette C. and 'Max' go boating (1 pic)

Jeanette C. and 'Max' go boating


"My Hyacinth Macaw 'Max' is finicky and your nuts are about 75% of his diet.
[He's] one of your most loyal customers!!!"

Jeanette C. & Max

Why fly when you can go by boat?!?


Vickie R. And 'Winnie' Snuggle Up (1 pic)

Vickie R. and 'Winnie'


Vickie R. & Winnie

"I'm 'Winnie the Blue', not 'Winnie the Poo'!"


Connie B. with 'Goliath' and 'Gia' (1 pic)

Connie with 'Goliath'

"Mac Nuts and honey arrived today Monika, thanks so much for the prompt shipping.  My Hyacinths were completely out of their mac nuts the past few days so I was the hero today for providing their favorite staple for dinner this evening!  Gorgeous nuts...thanks so much!  Will be back in a couple of months, hopefully you will still have some in stock."

Take care, Connie B.

Bird’s The Word

Melissa R. with 'Lilly', her beautiful Hyacinth (1 pic)


"Lilly is a very happy Girl!"

Melissa R.

Michael O's Princess Tara (1 pic)

princess tara

"Princess Tara is thrilled with her bag of mac nuts!"

Michael O.


And here are some of our customers’ comments:

We received our standing order of Mac nuts today. As always they are very nice. You are very generous to send us the 2 extra pounds at no charge. Our macaws love these yummy treats and the extra nuts are wonderful for training and positive reinforcement. thank you so much for your kindness.

Regards, Deb & the flock

* * *

And thank you, the nuts are great. My wife and I eat some, however most are eaten by a large Macaw named Lily.


* * *

Just a short note to say "Thank you" for the wonderful macadamia honey which you enclosed with my recent nut order. The nuts are for our Green wing macaw, Carmen, but the honey will be for the rest of the family. It's absolutely delicious!

* * *

Thanks so much for the extra pound of nuts. These are the prettiest nuts
I've seen in a long time! Our Hyacinth LOVES them!

Love, Lee

* * *

We received our last shipment of nuts and were thrilled with the macadamia nut honey. We are enjoying it and thank you so much for sending it along to us! Please renew our subscription for next year at the same level.

Many thanks, Bert

 * * *

Good Morning Monika, Thank you for the great service on this order .As always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.


* * *

Hello Monika

Thanks for sending out the shipment. I will let you know how Buddy the
macaw likes the wet nuts. Thanks for the information also. It is a genuine pleasure doing business with you!


 * * *

Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Carmen loves the nuts. I'll send you a photo of him eating one when I get a chance.

Aloha Bryan

 * * *

Aloha Monika,
The nuts and the honey are delicious !Thank you very much!

Kind regards, Kasper

 * * *

Thanks for everything. My Macaw cracked open the first nut and said"mmmm". I agree, great Macadamia Nuts!

~ Zelle

 * * *

Hello Monika,We had fun meeting you and hanging out at the farm the other day. Please let us know when you are ready to ship macnuts – put us on your e-mail list if you have one.

The Goldens

 * * *

…, but I do need nuts as soon as possible, as my Hyacinth Macaw "Max", is finicky and your nuts are about 75% of his diet. I am attaching a picture of him, as one of your most loyal customers!!!

Kindest regards, Jeanette

 * * *

Just another note of thanks. Winnie's macs arrived in the mail today. You have never seen a happier bird.

Vickie & Winnie

* * *

I raise a lot of macaws, and particularly Hyacinths which require high fat diets. I've ordered from you before and found the quality quite good which is important to me. I'd like to set up to order 17 lbs /month under your subscription plan.

Sincerely, Darrel

 * * *

"Great service, fast shipping, great product, great prices. Thanks for your help. I received my nuts for my Hyacinth Macaw Lilly, and she is a happy girl. Thank you!"

Melissa R. (As posted on Facebook)

See Melissa's birds on our "Birds and Their Owners" page

 * * *


You Talkin' to Me?

Customer Recipe Page

Ok, all you Kitchen Commandos out there! Here is your chance to share those wonderful Macadamia Nut recipies that have been lying in that kitchen drawer for years. Pull them out, dust them off, and type them up... then e-mail them to us (include a picture, if you have one). We'll do the rest!

Here's one from me, just to get things started. ~ Monika

Roasted and Flavored Macadamia Nuts
Contributed by Monika Nauen, Pahoa HI

1.5-2 lbs Macadamia Nuts, in the shell (will yield approximately 1 cup of kernels)
1 Tbsp Garlic flavored sea salt (or other flavor, such as ginger. Plain salt is good too)
4 oz Hot water

Carefully crack the in-shell nuts to keep them as whole as possible. Preheat oven to 225 – 250 degrees F. Place the nuts in a shallow pan (an iron skillet or baking sheet is good for this). Thoroughly disolve the flavored salt in hot water and sprinkle or mist the nuts with the solution. Put pan in oven and roast for 10 to 15 minutes or longer, stirring occasionally.

Monitor the process closely and remove them from the oven as soon as the browning process begins. Allow to cool. Enjoy.


*** Your Recipe Here ***