August 2019

Monika’s Mac Nuts
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Current Pricing Schedule as of August 2019


Aloha, We have been working hard during the off-season rebuilding our operation to recover from the lava flow last year. As many of you know we did not have enough storage to hold all the mac nuts this past year, so we ran out during the summer months. We now have built another 30 by 40-foot storage area that will hold more mac nuts to store during the off season. We hope that this season we will be able to store enough nuts that we will not run out.

We have also decided to restart our automatic shipment program. If you would like to start this with us, then you will receive our current lowest price of $5.00/lb. You can choose however frequently you would like your order shipped in weeks or months and how many pounds you would like shipped out each time. We are offering two types of auto shipment programs.

Stay Fresh Auto Program is the recommended one. For example, if you want to order 17 pounds shipped every month, then you would receive your order once a month from the months of September thru February. In March you would receive the remaining 6 months’ worth of shipments at one time.

Those shipments would be best stored in the freezer or refrigerator so that they will remain as fresh as possible during our off-season. By doing this they will keep their freshness and sweet flavor that many birds and people love!

The harvesting season here runs from August-January. If you do not have enough space to store that many mac nuts in your fridge or freezer, then you can do our regular auto shipment program.

Regular Auto Ship Program In this program you will receive mac nuts year-round at your scheduled preference time. For example, if you want 17 pounds shipped every 2 months you will receive them that way year-round.

We store the mac nuts in outdoor bins and are unable to store them in the fridge or freezer because if we took them out for shipping the moisture will condense inside the shell possibly causing a mold problem. Keep in mind that during the off season the nuts will slowly start to degrade where some may become shriveled and just not quite as fresh. Most of the nuts will still taste good and are fine for birds or people to eat. Still, if possible, the way to keep them freshest is to put them in the fridge or freezer once you receive them and only take out what you or your bird will eat over a few days at a time. If you don’t want to use a fridge or freezer, then storing them in the mesh bags in a cool, dry place will work as well.

If you decide you want to sign up for one of our auto shipment programs you can call or email me when you place your order and I will set it up for you. Also, as mother nature “lava and hurricanes” has been very unpredictable the past couple of years, if something does occur where we may run out of mac nuts early, then I will email you and let you know. We really appreciate having all of you as our customers and are continuing to strive to provide high quality mac nuts.

Sincerely, Kelly and Scot Davis, Owners of Monika’s Mac Nuts

Below is our pricing chart as of August 2019. The price for regular size nuts stayed the same and the price for small size nuts increased by .25 cents per pound. Also, USPS raised their rates back in January, so we are now raising ours as well by $1.00 per box.

The chart below reflects the new pricing. If you have a subscription with us, your price will remain the same until your yearly subscription runs out. Mahalo

table start

Current Pricing Schedule as of August 2019

Quantity (lbs)

Price nuts

Price per lb

Shipping (U.S)


11 In shell macs
11 In shell macs small

$ 60.50
$ 44.00

$ 5.50
$ 4.00

$ 15.00
$ 15.00

$ 75.50
$ 59.00

17 In shell macs
17 In shell macs small

$ 89.25
$ 63.75

$ 5.25
$ 3.75

$ 20.00
$ 20.00

$ 109.25
$ 83.75

51 In shell macs
51 In shell macs small

$ 255.00
$ 178.50

$ 5.00
$ 3.50

$ 60.00
$ 60.00

$ 315.00
$ 238.50

Shipping: nuts are shipped in USPS flat rate boxes if not otherwise specified